Kremlin says Rosneft’s dispute with Transneft not a matter for Putin


The dispute between Rosneft and Transneft is not a matter for Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene in because it is a corporate matter, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

Russian oil production fell close to a three-year low in early July due to the row between oil pipeline monopoly Transneft and Russia’s biggest oil producer, according to Reuters.

Russian state-owned pipeline monopoly Transneft criticised oil producer Rosneft on Monday, alleging it had dragged its feet over quality controls and making unsubstantiated damages claims.

Transneft said that Rosneft had been unwilling to help resolve a contaminated oil crisis in the Russian Druzhba export pipeline which began in late April, and that the oil producer was seeking compensation from it without any grounds, according to The Moscow Times.

Rosneft said that it had read Transneft’s statement with “regret” and “bewilderment”. “Instead of not so constructive comments, we’d like to see a clear and public plan of measures,” Rosneft said in a statement.


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