KMG International supports Teach for Romania in vulnerable communities


KMG International will support quality education in Constanța County through the Teach for Romania program in the academic year 2019-2020, supporting teachers from the primary and secondary education system that are part of the program.

Supported teachers act as role models and mentors for students in partner schools. Through this partnership, children from vulnerable communities will enjoy access and exposure to other environments than the native one, in order to develop the horizon of interest and knowledge, with emphasis on developing the growth areas pursued in the program, as well as on career orientation: literacy (functional literacy, digital / numeracy), emotional intelligence (values, self-esteem), leadership. In this sense, during the year, different extracurricular activities will be built together with the teachers supported by Teach for Romania and the children from the communities of Constanţa.

“We believe that quality education, especially in vulnerable areas, is the first step towards the sustainable development of communities. We have decided to support the teachers who are part of the Teach for Romania program in Constanta County, because we believe that through this partnership we can respond more effectively to the needs of the region, we can combat educational inequality and contribute to the harmonious development of future generations,” said Alexey Golovin, director of legal department and corporate affairs of KMG.


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