KMG International introduces KindTap in its Rompetrol gas stations for the benefit of HOSPICE Casa Speranței


KMG International will install in its Rompetrol gas stations network from Romania the donation box KindTap, an innovative device that allows customers to make donations for HOSPICE Casa Sperantei with the help of contactless bank cards or smartphones. The boxes will be available in 24 gas stations starting with August 19, the comnpany announces.

“In the past 10 years, we have developed numerous projects designed to support HOSPICE Casa Sperantei, a foundation that improves daily the quality of life for the patients that are being cared for in their centres. We want to promote kindness and social stewardship among our customers, therefore we initiated the development of KindTap and its introduction in our gas stations, to give our customers the opportunity to support the activity carried out by HOSPICE and allow them to change the lives of others,” said Alexey Golovin, chief officer of Legal and Corporate Affairs, KMG International Group.

KindTap represents a novelty in the Romanian retail industry and an innovative alternative to classical fundraising that aims to support important causes, such as the free palliative care services offered by HOSPICE Casa Speranței. In the pilot phase of the project, KindTap will be installed in gas stations from Bucharest, as well as Ilfov, Mureș, Prahova, Brașov and Constanța, where the most frequented filling stations in the Rompetrol network are located. Customers are encouraged to donate to HOSPICE Casa Speranței by selecting the single payment of 5 RON. The donations will support the free palliative care services offered by the foundation.

“HOSPICE Casa Speranței and Rompetrol have a long-term collaboration that has made a considerable impact on children and adults facing incurable diseases, and we are grateful that HOSPICE was chosen as the first beneficiary of this project. KindTap is a pioneer project in Romania and we are pleased to have cutting-edge technology helping us to improve the lives of our patients,” said Mirela Nemțanu, executive director of HOSPICE Casa Speranței.


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