Isarescu: Monitoring and comparing food and fuel prices will increase competition


The decision of the Competition Council to allow the monitoring and comparison of food and fuel prices, through the Price Monitor, will accentuate the competition, according to Mugur Isarescu, the governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

“The Competition Council has taken a series of very correct measures. Improving the level of transparency at the consumer level, such as the Monitoring of prices for food and fuel. Transparency in the information of market data is essential,” said Isarescu, according to Agerpres.

“This decision of the Competition Council allows the monitoring and comparison of the prices of the products, food and fuels, will increase the competition, not weaken it. Transparency does not weaken competition, with beneficial effects on the quality of the products, their prices, as well as on the services offered. All these aspects help and bring consistent public benefits. In my opinion, the involvement of not only the specialists in macroeconomics, but also the representatives of the business environment, in the public debate on issues crucial for the development of the Romanian economy and society, are essential elements,” added the head of the National Bank of Romania.


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