Isarescu about the adoption of the euro: I foresee a strong debate on ideas


The Governor of the National Bank of Romania, Mugur Isarescu, said on Tuesday at the Romanian Academy that he foresees a strong debate of ideas and not only of ideas, but of interests, opinions that will shape Europe, referring to the Financial Times article of the governor of Hungarian central bank regarding the adoption of the euro.

“I foresee, and I make it clear here in front of you, a strong debate of ideas and not only of ideas, interests, opinions that will shape Europe. It is not by chance that this public stand appears in the context of Brexit. It does not happen randomly, but in the context of a very clear positions of Russia related to the European Union. And we need such a voice (as of Daniel Dăianu). Not everyone can come out of Romania and say ‘you are not right, Mr. Matolcsy’”, Mugur Isarescu said in the speech reception: “The road to knowledge. Making of an economist,” of the academician Daniel Daianu.

The governor referred to an editorial published in the Financial Times by the Governor of the Central Bank of Hungary (NBH), Gyorgy Matolcsy, and stated that Romania’s position is clear. “From the stand of this high cultural scientific forum of the country, the Romanian Academy, the program for the adoption of the euro by Romania was launched. Daniel Daianu was among the initiators and among those who worked for this project. Our position is clear, firm, but nuanced at the same time. In this report we do not say that we must rush immediately to enter the Euro Zone. It was insisted, and the academic Daniel Daianu was in this position that we must get ready, with a whole development of arguments,” said Mugur Isarescu, quoted by Agerpres.


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