Interconnection with Serbia, a project of national importance


The government wants to declare the investment project “Interconnection of the National Natural Gas Transmission System in Romania with the similar natural gas transmission system in the Republic of Serbia, including electricity supply, cathodic protection and optical fiber” of national importance in the field of natural gas, according to a draft government decision.

The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment is designated as the competent authority responsible for facilitating and coordinating the authorization procedure for the project.

This interconnection will ensure the bidirectional flow of gas from Romania to the Republic of Serbia. The interconnection between the two natural gas transmission systems leads to the increase of cross-border liquidity, promotes the transparent and non-discriminatory access of the participants to the gas market, to transport networks, according to the project foundation note, quoted by

The development of this transport corridor also takes into account the improvement of the gas supply of the Western region of Romania, since after the commissioning of the BRUA pipeline, from the interconnection pipeline, it will be possible to deliver to the system, under certain conditions, a necessary amount of natural gas for the improvement and flexibility of the gas supply of the Western area of Romania.

The financing will be provided by Transgaz from its own sources, as well as sources attracted through loans from financial institutions.


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