ICCO Energ has entered insolvency


Marking this year’s second insolvency among the competitive energy suppliers, ICCO Energ, part of the Romanian ICCO group, entered insolvency, which was accepted by the Brasov Court on March 11th. ICCO Energ is a supplier of electricity in the competitive segment, licensed by ANRE. On its site, the company says it has over 300 large industrial customers and, according to some industry voices, it has had a share of about 1% on the national competitive market, according to economica.net.

The company is part of the ICCO group in Braşov, a group of Romanian companies specialized in indus-trial projects, founded in 1990.

Insolvency was demanded by six creditors, four of whom were even ICCO group companies, and two financial entities, the Bank and Unicredit Leasing, according to information on the court portal.


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