Iancu, on GEO 114: On Monday, I hope to gather all the opinions in the market, next – discussions with all stakeholders


“I was not part of this decision,” says Iulian Iancu, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Industries and Services, explaining that for him, also, GEO 114 came as “a surprise”.

He says next talks will involve all parties involved, including ANRE, and they should not last long.

“I now collect all the vulnerabilities that the sector has. We talked to the -most upset- suppliers, producers and ACUE members (e.n. the association of major energy utilities). I gather all the vulnerabilities, all the data and information, and I want to have a discussion with everyone. The most sensitive issue is that there are vulnerabilities. And you have no way of knowing if they need to be adjusted, corrected, eliminated – there are three totally different decisions. As such, you cannot say today which will be the final form of the text. What I can tell you – I was not part of this decision,” Iancu said. “I’m going to try to find the best solution to not antagonize more the parties involved. Because there is currently a very large pressure between operators, operators and decision-makers, operators and ANRE and between political parties.”


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