Iancu, Energy Day: In three months we could have the strategy, in two weeks GEO 24 for renewables


In three months, we could finalize the draft National Energy Strategy (SNE), and within a maximum of two weeks it would be possible to have a final version of the amendment to the Ordinance on Renewable GEO 24, said Iulian Iancu, head of the Committee for Industries and Services of the Chamber of Deputies, at the 10th edition of the Energy Day, organized in Brasov by Repom and its partners.

“Why is the strategy not completed? I have come to the conclusion that it was not wanted”, Iancu said, while also telling the renewable investors that Romania “needs to repair the chain of mistakes” made by the authorities from 2011 until today.

He promised new debates would take place on Tuesday, March 20, on completing amendments to GEO 24, which amends renewable legislation, as well as the possibility of reintroducing bilateral contracts.

“We have the renewable energy law on the table, but we did not want to let it go until we discuss it together,” Iancu said.

He also said that Romania must realize that there is an economic war in which competitors are just waiting to gain market shares.

Iancu explained that at the moment, besides legislation on renewable energy, the laws on energy efficiency, electricity and gas, royalties, biomass, waste and the new law on mines should also be adopted.


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