Hungary is ready to buy gas from the Romanian Black Sea


Hungary is ready to buy gas from the Romanian Black Sea region at market prices, given the diversification of its sources of supply, said the Hungarian Ambassador to Romania, Zákonyi Botond.

“Almost all houses in Hungary are connected to gas, almost all household consumers, I do not know precisely the percentage, but in an overwhelming proportion, because gas heating is cheaper than wood. We have only one supplier, Russia, and we have need diversification as much as possible,” said the Hungarian diplomat, according to Agerpres.

He argued that Russia is a trustworthy supplier and has always delivered everything that has been hired to, but Hungary needs the diversification of both suppliers and supply routes.

“The Black Sea is vital, it is the easiest way for us, for Austria, but also for Romania because it no longer pays for transportation. It is a logical solution,” the Ambassador added.

Asked if Hungary supports in some way the Black Sea projects pending on legislation, Zákonyi Botond replied: “We still hope that production starts and exports will be available by 2022. Because we are convinced that this is best for Romania too”.

According to him, the Hungarian companies had preliminary discussions with the Black Sea producers, but everyone expects the final investment decision to start production.


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