Hidroelectrica supplements the call center’s telephone numbers and publishes more information about liberalization


Hidroelectrica supplements the phone numbers of its call center and publishes on the site a series of answers to frequently asked questions, in order to come to the aid of consumers who want to change their energy supplier, in the context of market liberalization, it is shown in a ad posted on the company’s Facebook account.

“In order to meet Hidroelectrica’s customers, we have published a series of frequently asked questions received during this period, with the corresponding answers. Hidroelectrica also announces the addition of the telephone numbers of the dedicated Call Center to inform the company’s customers about the competitive offer and all topics of interest,” wrote the company’s representatives.

This is after, a week ago, an Agerpres editor called the Hidroelectrica call center as a home customer and, after a 50-minute wait, received erroneous information about the supplier change process.

The operator said that moving a consumer to Hidroelectrica will take two months, although the law says that this process must take a maximum of 21 days.


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