Hidroelectrica reduced the price of energy for household consumers


Hidroelectrica reduced the offer price for household consumers from 255 lei per MWh, as it was until now, to 239 lei per MWh, according to the company’s website.

This move comes after the company was accused by the Economy and Energy minister, Virgil Popescu, of the fact that it could directly provide the population with much cheaper energy, which could lead to the decrease of tariffs in the whole market.

Popescu said last Thursday that Hidroelectrica should give the population energy at the price of 200 lei per MWh, according to Agerpres.

He pointed out that although there is an offer for household consumers on the company’s website, its representatives have done nothing to promote it among the population.

“Hidroelectrica lost its license as a supplier of last resort (FUI). You cannot be FUI if you do not have 3,000 customers and ANRE withdrew this license a few months ago. What company are you, without 3,000 nationwide customers?,” said Popescu.

The supplier of last resort is the one who takes over a household consumer if his supplier goes bankrupt or can no longer deliver energy.

“Hidroelectrica’s offer, with 255 lei per MWh, is a joke. It’s only on its site, it doesn’t it promote it… They don’t go to people to conclude contracts. They should create a good sales department! They only have three sales people. They don’t have the billing capacity? Get software!,” the government official claimed.

According to him, for Hidroelectrica, the delivery of energy to domestic customers could be a very good business. In addition, the low price of Hidroelectrica could lead to the cheapening of the entire market.


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