Hidroelectrica modernizes Dăești central with 25 mln. lei, Hidroserv gets closer to exit insolvency


Bogdan Tudorache

Hidroelectrica signed this week the contract for the modernization of hydro-aggregate 2 (HA2) of the Dăești Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the middle course of the Olt River, in Vâlcea county. The works, worth 24.85 million lei, will be carried out by Hidroserv. In December Hidroelectrica offered Hidroserv a maintenance contract of 711 million lei, for four years, capitalizing on the company that had been insolvent for several years.

Hydro-aggregate 2 CHE Dăești, currently in operation, is of local conception and was put into use in 1976, accumulating to date over 176,000 operating hours. The technical wear accumulated during the 44 years of life of the hydro-aggregate requires the modernization works to be carried out so that HA2 can enter a new operating cycle.

CHE Dăești is equipped with two hydro-aggregates with Kaplan vertical turbines coupled with synchronous generators and has an installed power of 37.8 MW (2 x 18.9). The average annual power output of CHE Dăești is of 107 GWh. Under this contract, Hidroserv will carry out extensive modernization works on the hydraulic turbine, hydrogen generator, auxiliary installations, own service panels, automation and monitoring.

“Hidroelectrica also continues its 2020 programs for the modernization of hydroelectric plants in operation. This is a very important point of our strategy, because, together with the business development, we want to secure the objectives in the portfolio. We have changed the company policy inclusively in this area, so that the upgrades planned will be made with similar or compatible equipment for various purposes, so as to reduce maintenance costs and ensure interoperability. The same thing we want to do in Dăești, with HA2, which has to be similar to HA1, already modernized hydro-aggregate,” said Bogdan Badea, president of the Hidroelectrica directorate.

Referring to the works provider, Bogdan Badea added: “Together with the maintenance contract worth over 711 million lei for a period of four years, which we signed in December 2019 with Hidroserv, we are glad we can direct towards this indispensable company also modernization works. It is part of our effort to maintain and strengthen the team of specialists of this company and to accelerate the process of insolvency exit of Hidroserv.”


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