Hidroelectrica hires consultants to diversify the business, announces new CSR projects


Bogdan Tudorache

Hidroelectrica has announced in its call for the GSM meeting on May 7th the intention to hire consultants to mediate the diversification of the company’s portfolio of services, according to the document posted on the company’s website.

Thus, the announcement urges shareholders to approve the acquisition of consulting services ”in view of the company’s objective to diversify and develop its production portfolio through new projects, both through business transfer, acquisition of holdings, development of centers innovation, research, acquisition of shares of other companies or other ways of diversifying the company’s business.”

At the same time, Hidroelectrica will sponsor the Fight for Life Charity Association, the National Pneumoftiziology Institute Marius Nasta in Bucharest and the Marie Curie Emergency Clinical Hospital each with 100,000 lei.

The note also mentions the assistance of an employee of the Ministry of Energy for cancer treatment for 10 months, amounting to 240,000 lei, after having been awarded the amount of 45,000 lei for two months under a contract of support.


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