Hidroelectrica has launched a 75 million euros tender to modernize Stejaru plant


Hidroelectrica has launched an international public tender for the refurbishment of hydropower project Stejaru (Dimitri Leonida), the estimated value of the investment being 75 million euros, reported the company on Monday.

“On May 16, Hidroelectrica submitted for verification to the National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement (ANRMAP) the tender documentation to tender documentation for “Refurbishment of HPP Stejaru (Dimitri Leonidas)”.

The estimated value of the project is 75 million euros and will be realized over a period of approximately seven years after signing the contract. The contract proposes revamping the six hydro units with a total installed capacity of 210 MW. By using the impressive volume of lake Spring Mountain, no less than 1.23 billion cubic meters of water (second reservoir in the country after the Iron Gates I, with a volume of 2.5 billion cubic meters), CHE Stejaru injects into the National Energy System, on average, 435 GWh per year”, states Hidroelectrica, according to Agerpres.

The company expects that by the end of October 2014 to finalize the tender process and award the contract for the refurbishment of the first hydroelectric power in Romania.

In March 2013, the receiver terminated the financing agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for Stejaru project because the institution delaid its decision on issuing the necessary amount of money. Hidroelectrica prepared the project documentation in accordance with Emergency Executive Ordinance 34/2006 regarding the award of public procurement, and its funding will be provided from internal sources.

Once ANRMAP validates the documentation, Hidroelectrica publicly launches the tender, with publication in the electronic public procurement system (ESPS). Hidroelectrica already informed over 300 companies active worldwide in  hydropower about the tender lauching, receiving a feed-back that sugests a major interest in this project, domestically and internationally, says the company.

HPP Stejaru’s units were commissioned during 1960 – 1962, far exceeding normal life, ie 22 years. “The long physical use requires a complex refurbishment by redesigning all systems and bringing them to the technology level currently used internationally. Moreover, operation of the plant will be realized in safe condition”, says Hidroelectrica.


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