Hidroelectrica has completed the process of refurbishing the hydro-aggregate from Stejaru


Hidroelectrica has completed the refurbishment of the hydro-aggregate (HA) no. 6 of the CHE Dimitrie Leonida (Stejaru). Having at this moment an installed power of 60.14 MVA and a maximum power available of 55,048.8 kW (55.05 MW) in the turbine coupler, the fully refurbished generating set is the first delivered for commercial operation of the six hydro-aggregates from Stejaru. HA6 enters, with the completion of the works, into a new life cycle, also benefiting from an increase in power from 50 to 55 MW.

The tests performed certify that the unit operates at the designed parameters, but performance tests will continue throughout the year 2020, in parallel with the commercial operation.

For the refurbishment of the CHE Dimitrie Leonida – Stejaru, the works contract no. 1008/2015 was signed in 2015 between SPEEH Hidroelectrica SA and the Association Romelectro SA & Litostroj Power doo Slovenia. The contract, of EPC type (Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning) includes the refurbishment of all the installations and equipment in the Stejaru operating perimeter. The total cost of carrying out the turnkey works is of about 75 million euro.

“The total value of the investment covering the hydro-aggregate, its auxiliary installations and the connection installations up to the point of connection to the National Energy System is 9.977 thousand euro. It is an important work not only for Hidroelectrica, but also for the national system (SEN). We need to continue investments, secure our portfolio objectives and introduce the aggregates into a new life cycle and commercial operation. We have proposed that Hidroelectrica should set an example of perseverance regarding the activity of investments, modernization and refurbishment,” said Bogdan Badea, president of the Hidroelectrica’s directorate. “In this spirit, we want works on the hydro-aggregate 5, the next one on the re-technological list from Stejaru, to be done at an alert pace.”

Stejaru hydroelectric power station (renamed by Order no. 443 / 11.04.1990 C.H.E.Dimitrie Leonida), is the main power plant in the hydroelectric plan of the Bistrița river. The plant has 6 Francis-type hydro-aggregates put into operation between 1960-1962, with an installed power of 210 MW (4x 27.5MW + 2x50MW). The average energy of the project is of 434.5 GWh/ year (394 GWh/ year, initially, supplemented in 1970 with 40.5GWh/ year, at the start of the secondary river flow Tasca usage).


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