Hidroelectrica greened Subcetate Lake


Hidroelectrica carried out an action to green the Subcetate lake in Hunedoara county. This approach was attended, on a voluntary basis, by 55 people, employees of the Hidroelectrica Hațeg Branch, including employees in operation on free shifts.

The action had the effect of collecting 160 bags of waste – plastic and wood, each with a volume of 240 liters (about 38,400 liters total volume).

“I congratulate our colleagues from the Hidroelectrica Hațeg branch for their involvement and initiative. It is a gesture that shows total commitment and interest in environmental issues,” said Bogdan Badea, president of the company’s board.

“Hidroelectrica faces annually the problem of pollution of the accumulation lakes and of the adjacent areas, especially in the tourist areas. It is a recurring situation, in the solution of which we request the support of the local authorities, as well as of other authorities with attributions in the field. Hidroelectrica is not the cause of this pollution, but, in most cases, it ends up paying unfairly for its effects.”

Hidroelectrica operates 209 hydro plants, with a total installed capacity of 6,482 MW.


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