Hidroelectrica could first sell 5 to 10% of shares to EBRD, to give through IPO only the rest of up to 20%


Bogdan Tudorache

The Minister of Economy and Energy (MEEMA), Virgil Popescu, argues that Hidroelectrica could be privatized this fall, but the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development could benefit from a 5-10% “pre-listing” package.

Subsequently, the rest of the shares, up to 20%, will be listed on the stock exchange. “The 20% include the EBRD package”, explained the minister, responding to energynomics.ro.

“We support the listing of Hidroelectrica on the stock exchange, it is in the governance program, we also have a letter of intent from the European Development Bank (EBRD) that wants to be part of this procedure, even to participate in a screening, as a percentage of let’s say 5% or 10%, a loan that would raise the value of the company. We analyze this, we will discuss this in Government too. I think Hidroelectrica is a jewel of Romanian energy, it is a green company, the fact that it is a green company is the most important asset of this company,” said Virgil Popescu, at the ZF Power Summit.


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