Hidroelectrica already sells energy for the year 2021 at prices above 300 lei/MWh (economica.net)


Hidroelectrica is already contracting part of the production of 2021, given that the company has to deliver regulated energy at fixed prices by 2022. Hidroelectrica sold on March 13 about 323 TWh of energy delivered throughout the year 2021 on the bilateral contracts market (expanded auction), according to data from the OPCOM platform. The company has put up for sale 5 MWh packages with delivery between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021: 5 power packs delivered to the peak and 5 for baseload energy, according to economica.net.

Tendered quantities, 104.4 GWh in total for top packs, and 219 GWh for base packages, were awarded in full, but not by any large supplier.

The peak packages were purchased by Energy Distribution Services (four) and Electric Planners Ltd (one), and the prices ranged between 307 and 311 lei/MWh, as the price originally demanded was of 305 lei.


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