Hidroelectrica advises consumers to send the documentation online


Hidroelectrica recommends consumers to send all documentation online if they want to become customers of the company, to avoid the call center, which is overloaded during this period, and the procedure to change the supplier will be done within the legal term of 21 days, said Bogdan Buciu, representative of the company’s press office.

“The high volume of customer requests to migrate contracts to Hidroelectrica means that the number of call centers provided by the company is overloaded these days. However, customers also have detailed information published on the site, so they can submit the necessary documentation online. The change of contract will be operated according to the legal provisions, within 21 days from the notification of the current supplier regarding the client’s intention to migrate to the new supplier,” Buciu said, according to Agerpres.

The company also posted information for customers on the site, stating that the necessary documentation can be sent online.

These are the request for the conclusion of the supply contract and the framework contract, which must be downloaded from the site, as well as a copy of the identity document, a copy of the ownership deed or other document regarding the right to use the space and a copy of the latest invoice.

“In order to facilitate the process of changing the supplier and to shorten the time required for contracting, we ask customers to ensure that the documents submitted are correct and complete. The large volume of requests to change the supplier means that during this period the Call Center of Hidroelectrica is overloaded, with an impact on the waiting times for taking calls. We apologize for this inconvenience and we assure you that the requests sent by e-mail according to the previous indications will be processed,” it is stated in the information on the company’s website.


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