Havrileț: Ministry of Economy seeks to list 10% of Hidroelectrica, other stocks may be targeted


Bogdan Tudorache

Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment (MEEMA) is pursuing the listing of 10% of Hidroelectrica, state secretary Niculae Havrileț told energynomics.ro.

“We aim to list a smaller percentage of Hidroelectrica, of about 10%, and in the future, we are considering other packages of the companies in our portfolio. We do not currently have a plan for these other packages, but in the near future, we can still think about listing parts of other companies, without having a deadline now. We saw that the success of Electrica was an important one, which gave us the signal that always the best privatizations are done on the stock market. If, in the future, the decision of listing will be taken, we will analyze this, but now we have no listing program, apart from Hidroelectrica – from the portfolio of companies in the energy sector,” Havrileț told us.

“We saw that the evolution of Electrica was successful, but also of the state-listed companies, the returns being very good, it encourages investors to invest in safe and profitable assets, such as those in the energy field. Therefore, we can also think in the future to use the stock exchange in listing parts of companies. It is not an immediate action, however.”

“We are confident that BVB can successfully represent the listing market for Hidroelectrica. Moreover, we analyze and consider the possibility of listing more companies in the portfolio of the Ministry of Energy Economy and Business Environment,” said Havrileț, in a MEEMA press release on Monday, following a meeting with the officials of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.


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