Greenpeace Romania urges the Ministry of Energy to give up on coal


Greenpeace Romania has sent a firm message to the Energy Ministry to eliminate the coal from the energy mix and to replace it with renewable energy, to reduce pollution and combat climate change through two actions, the organization said.

“On 29 May, Greenpeace activists had a surprise for the Energy minister, Mr. Anton Anton, who participated in Timisoara at the Energy Days conference and interrupted the event to tell him that we have a climatic emergency: coal kills people and the planet.”

The activists displayed a banner with the message “Climate Emergency – End Coal” and broadcast an audio message saying “This is a climate emergency! Coal is killing people and the planet. Protect our future, end coal in Romania and all of Europe by 2030.” “The action has taken place in the context of a retrograde National Energy Strategy that favors fossil fuels, highly polluting and fantasmagoric carbon storage solutions, despite the fact that there are sustainable alternatives to produce energy from renewable sources (sun, wind),” Greenpeace officials say.

The second action took place at the departure of Rainbow Warrior in Romania, who came to our country just to draw attention to the link between how we produce energy and climate change. On the evening of June 2, Greenpeace activists sprawled on the water with the help of boats a huge 200-pound banner to ask Anton Anton and the Romanian Government once again to eliminate coal from energy production by 2030 and to act with care our health, biodiversity and the environment, prioritizing renewable energy to limit climate change.

Greenpeace Romania will continue to take action to get authorities to assume and implement concrete measures to reduce pollution and protect citizens and the environment.


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