Gov’t approved the GEO that allows the remote adoption of the decisions of the General Shareholders’ Meetings


The executive approved the draft Emergency Ordinance for the adoption of measures in the field of companies in order to hold the meetings of the statutory bodies.

“The normative act, initiated by the Ministry of Justice, aims to facilitate the development of statutory procedures within companies. In this sense, it is essential that economic operators have flexible decision-making tools, adapted to the new conditions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, which allows rapid decisions to be taken,” it is mentioned in a release of the Ministry of Justice, according to Agerpres.

Specifically, the regulated solutions allow the adoption, by using modern communication or correspondence techniques, of the decisions of the general meetings of remote associates/ shareholders, even if their constitutive act does not explicitly provide for this possibility.

At the same time, the project offers the guarantee that all shareholders/ associates benefit from equal treatment and creates the premises for expressing the rights of minority shareholders, not affecting the transparency guarantees of the general meeting of shareholders and the elaboration of documentation by management.


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