Gilda Lazăr (JTI): Business environment expects dialogue and transparency and elimination of ordinances adopted overnight


Business representatives expect dialogue and transparency from the authorities and to abandon the practice of adopting ordinances overnight, in favor of normal legislation, said Gilda Lazăr, corporate affairs & communications director of JTI Romania.

“If it’s hard to talk about stability today, we can at least talk about predictability. And what we expect in decision-making is dialogue and transparency and, obviously, decisions in a liberal spirit, that is, courageous decisions. What we expect next: dialogue and decisions taken in time, after prior consultations, we see that all sorts of weirder projects are advancing and we would like to be part of the decision process. At the same time, we have new proposals that we could submit to the Government… Also, if new changes are foreseen regarding taxation, because we have seen that this is the trend in the European Union, we would like to be part of this decision and know what is going to happen. (…) The next step would be towards normalization, because there is this temptation of ordinances adopted overnight. We had military ordinances, there were all sorts of orders. They should give up this practice in favor of normal legislation. Not overnight, not without consultation, not because someone requested it, but decisions following serious analyzes,” said Gilda Lazăr, according to Agerpres.


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