Ghita, Nuclearelectrica: Full liberalization of the electricity market is vital to facilitate the construction of new capacities


There is a clear connection between the liberalization of the energy price and conducting investments in the energy field, in a planned, predictable way and based on coherent strategies, claims Cosmin Ghiță, general manager of Nuclearelectrica.

“We see very clearly now that, due to the situation generated by Covid 19, the energy price has decreased due to the decrease in consumption. I would not like to see in the second half of 2020, against the background of a still regulated market, small differences between the forward and the regulated price. There is a Regulation of the European Commission, 943/2019, which says very clearly in Article 3 what are the principles according to which an electricity market must operate. There is, under this regulation, a legal component that we must take into account, which we cannot ignore. From a legal point of view, SNN has already won the case in court in this case. Liberalization comes with a green light of predictability to investment, that in the short term means job creation, and in the long term means a robust national energy system, with modern production technologies which translates into low energy costs for the population and achieving environmental goals,” said Ghita, according to

“On the other hand, regulation has had a negative impact in the market, affecting primarily competitiveness, the correct principles of operation of an energy market … No cap is good, if prices rise means that investment in new capacity is needed . As long as prices are capped, we lose a benchmark to guide us.”


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