Germany allows new coal plant to enter service despite phase-out


German utility Uniper has been given the green light to start commercial operations at its new 1.5-billion-euro Datteln 4 coal-fired power plant despite recommendations to not link it to the grid, government and industry sources told Reuters Newswire.

Talks about compensation payments keeping it offline are no longer being pursued because the modern plant would have relatively low CO2 emissions and it would make more sense to switch off older units first instead of paying millions of euros in compensation, a government source told Reuters journalist Markus Wacket. The Datteln 4 plant with a capacity of 1,100 megawatts (MW) is Germany’s largest hard coal plant. It is scheduled to be operational by mid-2020, according to the article.

Germany’s coal exit commission recommended earlier this year not to start up the Datteln 4 plant, and to compensate Uniper. Germany aims to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2038 at the very latest, according to CLEW.



  1. Sa pui in functiune o centrala pe carbune de 1100 MW in 1-2 ani este ceva de apreciat.E adevarat pentru cei putini care mai inteleg ce inseamna punerea in functiune a unei cantrale pe carbune.La noi se inlocuiesc centralele pe carbune cu hidrocarburi ,transformand cazanele din functionare pe carbune pe hidrocarburi.Ca oamenii care fac asemenea afirmatii habar nu au de energie nu ma mira, ma doare faptul ca putinii oameni care mai stiu ce inseamna asemenea inlocuire tac chitic.Singura explicatie ar putea fi ca sunt scarbiti de ce se intampla in energie.

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