German state energy ministers criticise climate package, call for ‘massive’ renewables expansion


The energy ministers of Germany’s federal states have criticised the government’s climate package for being full of “gaps and shortcomings” and called for measures to ensure that renewables expansion and emissions reduction can make sufficient progress. In a press statement released by Lower Saxony’s energy minister Olaf Lies, the ministers from 16 federal states say they want to send out “a strong message” to the UN climate summit COP25 and ensure that Germany’s energy transition, the Energiewende, is seen as a beacon of climate action around the world, the press release says, according to Clean Energy Wire.

The ministers call for a “massive expansion” of onshore and offshore wind power, with “at least” 5 gigawatts of onshore wind power capacity added every year, and the removal of the current cap on solar power support.


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