Gas pipeline of 27 mln. lei Pojorâta-Vatra Dornei, a project of national importance


At the Government meeting on Wednesday, July 3, a Government Decision was adopted by which the gas pipeline Pojorâta-Vatra Dornei was declared a project of national importance in the field of natural gas, the Ministry of Economy has announced.

The project, worth an estimated 27.3 million lei, was included in the National Development and Modernization Plan of SNTGN Transgaz SA, a company in the portfolio of the Ministry of Economy, approved by ANRE, resulting in its strategic and national dimension.

Currently there is no gas supply pipe in the Pojorâta – Vatra Dornei area. For heating and cooking firewood, coal and liquefied gas are used. These fuels are also used to heat up commercial spaces and existing social and cultural objectives.

By the completion of the Pojorâta – Vatra Dornei pipeline, the premise of the interconnection of the natural gas transmission system in the north – west of the country with the natural gas transport system in the north – east is created, thus defining it as a project of national importance.

“Through this project we provide access to natural gas for all the localities on the pipeline. We are talking about 35,000 inhabitants, 12 secondary schools, 12 kindergartens, 5 high schools, school clubs, libraries, 3 hospitals and spa complexes as well as dozens of medical cabinets … In addition, there are very large spa resorts in the area. Private investment in tourism exceeds 300 billion lei, investments made for new accommodation facilities and modernization of existing ones, generating 15% more accommodation capacity and 25% more tourists,” said Niculae Bădălău, the minister of Economy.


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