France awards 1.7 GW of wind and solar power projects


The French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition (MEIT) has announced the results of the latest tenders for ground-mounted solar PV and for onshore wind projects, selecting 288 renewable power projects with a capacity totalling 1.7 GW, according to Enerdata.

For the onshore wind call for tender, 35 projects totalling 749.3 MW were selected at an average price of €62.9/MWh. Although only 630 MW was proposed, the government decided to increase the volume allocated as very competitive bids were submitted. The MEIT also picked 88 ground-mounted solar PV projects totalling 649 MW (for a proposed capacity of 850 MW); the average price stood at €62.11/MWh. In addition, the government awarded 165 PV projects totalling 311.7 MW with price ranging between €15.97/MWh (for solar PV autoconsumption) and €108.2 €/MWh (solar PV projects combined with storage) under specific tenders, for the most part reserved to innovative solar installations (on agricultural lands), to support the closure of the Fessenheim nuclear plant, or to projects located in the French overseas territories and Corsica.

The projects contribute to the national target of doubling the share of renewables in the power mix to 40% by 2030.


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