FPPG: Public – private partnership, the key to implementing concrete measures on the labor market


A pilot project in public-private partnership can be the key to accelerating and implementing the concrete measures proposed by the business environment for the flexibility of the Romanian labor market, say the representatives of The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation (FPPG).

According to a statement, this is the main conclusion resulting from the discussions between the Minister of Labor and Social Justice, Raluca Turcan, and the representatives of the Labor Pact – PPM.

FPPG representatives claim that the idea of a pilot project between the ministry and the private sector, with a project manager working to implement measures from the private sector to the state in order to create an efficient labor market, was embraced by the relevant minister.

The reduction of undeclared work, debureaucratization and digitalisation of the labor market were also discussed.

“I appreciate the involvement of the business environment in solving the problems in the labor market and I think that any solution is welcome. The public – private partnership is a first step in luring in the private environment in the act of legislating and implementing viable solutions, beneficial to an efficient labor market. In line with the proposals in the Labor Pact, we intend to extend support measures for those who hire day laborers or seasonal workers, we will support the HORECA sector and we want to have a low degree of untaxed work,” said Raluca Turcan, Minister of Labor and Social Justice, according to Agerpres.


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