FPPG and ANIS are campaigning to increase the adoption of digital solutions in the Upstream sector


The Federation of Oil and Gas Employers (FPPG) together with the Employers Association of the Software and Services Industry (ANIS) presented the opportunities that the adoption of new technologies (Cloud, Big Data, Cloud Computing) can bring to the oil and gas industry, in a conferences in which a study on the legal framework in Romania and the European Union on data management in the Upstream sector was also launched.

The paper explores current EU legislation, with a special focus on those EU Member States that have operations in the field of hydrocarbon exploration and production, in respect to data classification and management of data in terms of access, archiving, transfer. The study compares the legislation of European countries, such as Italy, Hungary, Norway and Poland, which have relevant and comparable operations with Romania in the Upstream sector, and at the same time offers recommendations regarding the harmonization of the legal framework in Romania with the new European Regulation 2018/1807.

A series of concrete actions are also proposed in order to align the Romanian legislation with the European Regulation 2018/1807; this should lead to the increase of the adoption of digital solutions in the upstream sector, to the improvement of the economic activity of the stakeholders and for supporting investors in this sector.


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