Florin Frunză, MET Romania Energy: Gas remains the main transition solution for Romania


“Romania still has many opportunities for the gas market, and with the coal phase-out, gas is still the transition solution until 2030,” said Florin Frunză, CEO of MET Romania Energy at the Regional Approach Brussels – Energy Transition conference organized by Energynomics.

The buildings represent a relevant example, as they are responsible for much of the greenhouse gas emissions. They can use gas in the central heating, and projects such as those in Cluj or Oradea prove such technologies.

“Romania offers many growth opportunities in the CNG and LNG segments. We have the oldest bus fleet in the whole Union, and commercial vehicles, both light and heavy, are also among the oldest in the EU”.

MET is among the top 50 Swiss companies in terms of turnover. “We have a substantial portfolio of gas and energy under management; in 2019, the group traded 50 billion cubic meters of gas – and that, compared to Europe’s total gas consumption of 428 billion cubic meters, is about 10%. In Romania we are one of the most important suppliers of energy and gas, we continue to grow, and we have successfully integrated two other gas supply companies – Repower and RWE. We offer a wide range of services – of course, we provide gas and electricity, but at the same time we offer balancing services for electricity producers. We now integrate in our portfolio more than 30 renewable generators. We are also able to offer services for monitoring energy production and consumption, we have in our portfolio consumers monitored in real time”, he said.

“We are certified as a supplier of green electricity that can provide customers with 100% green energy and we believe that renewable energy will increase in importance in the coming years, because customers ask for it. At the same time, I believe, however, that gas will still play an important role this decade and in the next decade. I believe in the versatility of natural gas, which has an important role in the production of electricity and heat. The chemical industry cannot do without gas, and in transport, also, the role of natural gas will remain important because it is an low emissions alternative fuel”, he added.


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