Floating solar panels can generate 30% more energy


Arnoud van Druten of Floating Solar came up with the idea of islands of floating solar panels. These floating panels have two major advantages – they are out of sight, and they rotate with the sun so they can generate up to 30 percent more energy than the static, land-based ones, he said to RTL Nieuws.

Floating Solar already has solar islands being tested on the Tweede Maasvlakte. „These are sun-following panels”, Van Druten explained. „You can best visualize them as a bed of sunflowers. The sunflowers also look towards the sun all day long to get that maximum sun generation, so they continue to grow.” The panels are fixed on systems that can be described as large catamarans – light can pass through, and plants and animals can live underneath. The island is held in place by three buoys, and pulled around by cables, according to nltimes.nl.