Eximbank has upgraded the rating the Oltenia Energy Complex


Eximbank revised the financial rating of CE Oltenia from C to B, following the analysis of the accounting reports from 30.06.2019, according to the information transmitted by the company.

The CEO officials say: “As a result of improving the financial performance of the EC Oltenia, the premises for reducing the bank financing costs were created, for the existing loan portfolio, with a beneficial effect on the financial result of the company.

The Oltenia Energy Complex has been on an upward trend from a financial point of view, the current position being owed to the activity and actions carried out by all employees and partners of the company. This result confirms the fact that insolvency, an idea advanced in the public space, with bad intent, by people who do not want the good of this company, is not being discussed,” according to finacialintelligence.ro.

On June 30, 2019, the CEO recorded a gross profit of 188.98 million lei and a turnover of 1,510.6 million lei, compared to 35.12 million lei gross profit and 1,414.4 million lei turnover on June 30 2018.


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