ANRE organizes the EnR Regular Meeting – M61 in Bucharest from 14 to 15 June 2017

Starting with February 23, 2017, ANRE, through the Energy Efficiency Department, took over the Annual Presidency and the Secretariat of the EnR Association – the Association of National Energy Efficiency Agencies in Europe, to coordinate EnR activities at European level. In accordance with the program for 2017 presented by ANRE to EnR members, at the EnR events held in Bucharest from 14 to 15 June 2017 will be present Energy Efficiency Agencies’ representatives from Austria, Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal, France , Finland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain and the United Kingdom), the Romanian Parliament, as well as guests from the Romanian Academy, CNR-CME, the Romanian Energy Center etc.

In 2017, ANRE will coordinate the exchange of information and best practices in the field of energy efficiency in order to develop the proposed theme on energy poverty at European and national level, in the context of the new European legislation elaborated in line with the Europe 2020 strategies and Energy Union – Clean Energy for All Europeans.

The new European legislative package sets out a new approach to the protection of vulnerable consumers, which includes helping Member States to reduce energy costs for consumers through energy efficiency investments. The Commission’s proposals on energy efficiency require Member States to take account of energy poverty by providing for a part of energy efficiency measures to be implemented as a priority for households affected by energy poverty and social housing.

At the same time, Member States are obliged to measure and monitor energy poverty and report to the European Commission every two years, and the Commission will facilitate the exchange of best practices by setting up the Energy Poverty Observatory.

In the context of the national energy targets for increasing energy efficiency, ANRE, through the Energy Efficiency Department, promotes constructive dialogue with all stakeholders to include the interests of vulnerable consumers and energy poverty in reviewing the European and national legislative framework in the field of energy and energy efficiency.

About the EnR Association – The Association of National Energy Efficiency Agencies in Europe

ANRE is a member of the EnR Association – the Association of National Energy Efficiency Agencies in Europe, made up of 24 European Energy Agencies, responsible for the development, implementation or review of national research, development or dissemination programs in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change, in order to strengthen cooperation between Member Agencies and other European actors on all relevant aspects of sustainable energy.

  • Two meetings are held annually, EnR Full and EnR Regular Meeting, attended by all members and discussing the internal issues of the EnR, with the activity reports of the working groups being presented;
  • An important EnR event organized annually is the Thinking Group Meeting where the leadership of the national energy efficiency agencies in Europe takes part.
  • The exchange of information takes place mainly through the eight Working Groups, which are also open to other relevant third party organizations wishing to become members of the EnR. In addition to their role in disseminating information, the Working Groups serve as forums for the development and implementation of joint projects under EU funded programs such as the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

The eight working groups of the EnR Association

  • Working Group Changing Energy Behavior
  • Building Working Group
  • Energy Efficiency Task Force
  • Industry Working Group
  • Working Group on Labeling and Eco Design
  • Working Group Monitoring Tools
  • Renewable Energy Sources Working Group
  • Transport Working Group

More details are published on the web-ites of the EnR Association and ANRE.


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