Eurostat: Romania, the fourth economic growth in the EU in the last quarter of 2019


Romania posted, in the last quarter of 2019 (Q4), the fourth economic growth in the European Union, compared to the previous year, and the third quarterly growth, according to the data published by the European statistical office Eurostat. The February estimates (which did not include data for Malta and Ireland) placed Romania second in the EU in terms of annual economic growth in the last quarter and in the first position according to the quarterly evolution of the economy, according to

Compared to the last quarter of 2018, during Q4 of 2019 the Romanian economy had an advance of 4.2%, compared with an annual growth of 3.2% in the previous quarter. The highest annual growth rates were recorded by Ireland (6.3%), Hungary (4.6%) and Malta (4.3%). Compared to the third quarter, in Q4 the Romanian economy grew by 1.5%, surpassed by Ireland (1.8%) and Malta (1.7%).


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