European Parliament elections in România: PNL – 26,83%, PSD – 23,42%, USR PLUS – 21,29%


National Liberal Party – PNL won 26.79% of votes in the European Parliament elections on Sunday, PSD – 23.38% and USR PLUS – 21.40%, according to provisional results obtained after the centralization of data from 18,705 (of the total of 18,730) polling stations in the country. According to Agerpres, 5.44% of voters voted for UDMR, 6.61% for Pro Romania, 4.24% for ALDE and 5.65% for PMP.

As for the vote in the diaspora, after the centralization of data from 309 sections of the 441 opened abroad, the USR PLUS Alliance won 41.42% of the votes, followed by PNL – 31.34%,, PMP – 9.80%; PSD – 3.09%; Pro Romania – 2.86%; ALDE – 1.22%.

European elections on May 26 – 3 reasons why it is important

It is expected that the outcome of the elections to the European Parliament will lead to significant reconfiguration of the Romanian political landscape, with a strong impact on the political structure in Parliament and on the support for the Government.



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  2. Sa speram ca nu vom avea placerea de a fi numit ministrul energiei Videanu, Berceanu sau Blaga.Asteptam propunerea de strategie energetica.Asteptam de 22 de ani o strategie energetica ,macar pentru a cunoaste pe hartie incotro ne indreptam

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