EU gas supply is safe even if Russia and Ukraine will not reach a new agreement


Europe will have no problems with the natural gas supply this winter, even if a new agreement on Russian gas supplies via Ukraine will not be reached until the end of this month, when the current transit agreement expires, a study published Wednesday shows, reports Reuters.

“Winter gas supplies are safe, even if talks on gas supplies from Russia via Ukraine to Europe will fail,” says the study by the Institute of Energy Economics (EWI) in Cologne, according to Agerpres.

According to this study, it is possible that in Germany the price of natural gas will increase moderately, but there will be no supply disruption. Gas storage facilities are full, prices are at their lowest levels in recent years thanks to global supply and the interconnection of gas networks is in a much better situation than it was ten years ago, when a dispute between Russia and Ukraine over the issue of natural gas prices and payments has affected the supply of states in Europe.


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