EU allocates 7.5 billion euro for mining areas and clean projects


With the European Green Pact (Green Deal), the European Commission will also allocate additional funds for the transition of carbon regions to the green economy. “There will be consistent amounts, but they will be distributed through a different mechanism, which the Romanian state has almost ignored until now. We will be able to use the money if the Government understands to organize the ministries and the attributions for EU funds in an intelligent and non-bureaucratic way, as proposed now,” says MEP Cristian Ghinea (USR-PLUS/ Renew Europe), quoted by

On Tuesday, January 14, the European Commission presented to the European Parliament details on the mechanisms and sources of funding for the new program, called the Just Transition Fund. The amount allocated to the program will most likely be 7.5 billion euro at EU level, which would be distributed to the Member States.

The Commission wants to allocate about 7.5 billion euro and reach a total impact of over 30 billion euro, through the co-financing that Member States will bring, according to


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