Environment Minister: We are on site daily and we check waste dumps, combustion stations and sorting stations


The environmental problems must be completed and, during this difficult period for Romania and Europe, we are on site, checking the landfills, combustion stations, sorting stations daily, in order to comply with the regulations in force, said at Digi 24, on Tuesday, Minister of Environment, Water and Forests, Costel Alexe.

“The modernization of public transport is one of the imperative priorities needed to give the citizens of the Romanian cities a quality air. I hope that all these measures committed by the Integrated Air Quality Plans, if carried out, to offer citizens and especially Bucharestians, the conditions of circulation, transport and, of course, cleaner air of Bucharest. I hope that all European authorities, all states, including Romania, will learn from this lesson, especially when we have from year to year bigger problems with the health of the population, with all sorts of viruses. The environmental problems need to be finalized and we need to invest more in what environmental policy means,” said Alexe, according to Agerpres.

The minister added that, at present, at national level, there are daily checks on site at the landfills, so that their activity is carried out in accordance with the legislation in force.


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