Energy strategy: There will be support schemes for renewables, but only for prosumers


New support schemes will be in place to stimulate renewable energy investments after 2020, but „only for electricity generation capacities developed by consumers who, in the context of the two-way exchange of electricity and distribution networks, will be considered prosumers” , says the latest version of the Energy Strategy 2019-2030 with a perspective for 2050, drafted by the Ministry of Energy.

The maximum power limit installed in solar systems of prosumators, which will be reached by 2030, was set at 750 MW, according to

The authorities estimate that „in the coming years, photovoltaic capacities are to be developed both in the form of medium capacity solar parks, built on degraded or poorly productive land, and in the form of low dispersed capacities made by energy consumers who can make the transition to the prosumers.”

The main measures in support of prosumers include feed-in-tariff schemes, investment financing programs, the establishment of guarantee funds, tax regulations that allow the clearing of double transactions between prosumers and distribution operators.


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