Energy Strategy: Environment does not approve one of the studies, discussions


The Ministry of Environment does not agree with the KVB report on the Energy Efficiency Assessment Study (SEA) and during this period the Ministry discusses with the company’s representatives, said Niculae Havrileţ, Energy Minister’s adviser and former President of the National Authority of Energy Regulation (ANRE).

“The environmental assessment was made by a specialized firm, approved by the Ministry of the Environment …. Part of this activity was done by Deloitte, another part was made by another company, KVB (KVB Consulting & Engineering SRL – e.n.) … This company issued the report but it was not approved by the Ministry of the Environment, which considers that some elements do not correspond to the reality form the ground. Certain elements of the report are not recognized by the Ministry of Environment, and discussions will follow between the Ministry of Environment, the Biodiversity Directorate and the company producing this environmental report on the National Action Plan,” said Niculae Havrileţ, quoted by Agerpres.

KVB Consulting & Engineering SRL carried out the Environmental Report following the environmental assessment of the Energy Strategy of Romania 2019-2030 with the perspective of 2050 as well as the Appropriate Assessment Study (SEA).

Asked which document is more important, the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate Change or Romania’s Energy Strategy, Niculae Havrilet said that PNIESC is more important. “Certainly the Integrated National Plan, after being approved by the Commission, will have to be transposed. If it comes ahead of the Strategy, it certainly does, because the Strategy is practically a set of policies that is not even approved by law, is to be approved by government decision, but we still have a 2007 Strategy, which has been approved by the Government and has not been implemented too,” he added.


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  1. Si uite asa nu vom avea inca multi ani de acum incolo o strategie energetica.Specialisti unul si unul si vedem in ce situatie este sectorul energetic.Mai avem putin si ajungem la planuri cincinale ca pe vremea impuscatului.Nu ar fi rau sa vedem cum se descurca acesti oameni la o societate care produce ceva, nu numai in fotolii caldute la nivel de ministere sau autoritati.

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