Energy prices are falling, in line with the region, as demand dwindles


Bogdan Tudorache

Spot market prices in Hungary and Romania fell for Saturday trades by about 11% compared to the previous day, while in the Czech Republic and Slovakia the decreases are of 31-38%, depending on the segments – baseload energy (-38.75 % in both countries) and peak (-31.5%).

The price of one MWh went down for the interval 15-16.00 on Saturday to about 16 euros, according to the OPCOM platform, consulted by

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, however, the lowest prices, of 12 euros per MWh, for the same day (March 21), were registered at certain time intervals, according to the Hungarian stock exchange data.

In the case of several Saturday hourly intervals, the OPCOM price dropped to 80-120 lei, during peak periods reaching 178 lei per MWh.

According to Transelectrica, the consumption of Friday in Romania, around 3:00 pm, was of about 6,750 MW, with 3-400 MW imported, most of the domestic production coming from nuclear (1,400 MW, or 23%) and hydro (1,350 MW, or 20%).


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