Energy Ministry signed a protocol for smart cities and mobility


The Ministry of Energy along with the Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility (ARSCM), have signed an agreement with the intended purpose to set up reports, analysis, predictions and statistics, including promotion of the the Ministry of Energy strategies, said RASCM in a public statement.

Monday, July 3rd 2017, the Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility (ARSCM) together with the Ministry of Energy have perfected the signing of a cooperation agreement, setting the general conditions of work for the development of the protocol. The agreement includes reporting, analysis, predictions and statistics that ARSCM can perform through its experts in its segment of jurisdiction, namely Smart City component industries, as well as the promotion of the strategies of the Ministry of Energy through programs run by ARSCM”, the statement said.

Signing the protocol comes after the ARSCM event organized in June, when the Ministry of Energy announced its involvement as a partner in the Smart City Caravan program, which sets to inform public authorities about Smart City solutions, reads the statement, according to Agerpres.

According to the source, ARSCM has initiated several informing campaigns addressing everyone who is interrested, such as local authorities, public and state authorities and decision makers relevant to the Smart City concept, professional groups with expertise in this area, businesses and the general public. They also provide educational, information and law support for the professional specialization of the entities, individuals or legal entities active in Smart City, dedicated to sustainable urban development.

The association aims to draw attention to the importance of implementing intelligent solutions in order to improve the quality of life and the living standards. “The association thus aims to draw attention to the importance of activities undertaken to implement intelligent solutions, in order to raise the living standards of people, to improve the quality of life, to integrate techonology among communities which helps facilitate access to information from authorities, information and solutions that can enhance the quality of life, health and security of people, activities that must be carried out by specialists “, the release reads.


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