Energy Minister will go to the Jiu Valley for consultations with the miners


Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu stated on Thursday that he will not make promises to the miners that he cannot fulfill and that he will go to the Jiu Valley to discuss “with each one” after the solutions are ready.

After the budget of the Ministry of Energy was approved in the specialized parliamentary commissions, he was asked by the journalists if the situation of the miners from the Jiu Valley was solved, in the conditions in which they have to receive their salaries these days.

“The situation of the miners is solved, there are two normative acts, one that solves their salary problems and the other that solves the non-salary problems. These days, this week, these problems will be solved,” Popescu said, according to Agerpres.

Journalists wanted to know if the official would go to the Jiu Valley.

“I said that when the solutions are ready I will go and talk to each one of them, in the Jiu Valley. If we look back, on Saturday and Sunday the non-salary issues were not solved and I talked to the unions in all the mines and the prime minister, to look for solutions. These were found on Monday. So when we found the short-term solutions, we announced them, “the minister said.

In his opinion, the problems must be solved in the medium term as well.

“I don’t want to make promises that I can’t cover and I think that what happened over the weekend in the Jiu Valley, those populist promises from other colleagues from other parties were pointless. The miners are honest, simple people, to whom you have to tell solutions, to tell them directly, not to fool them or to lie to them. I will never do that and when we have all the solutions ready I will go and debate them,” Popescu also showed.


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