Energy Minister: I am considering amending GEO 114 to support coal-fired power generators


Energy Minister Anton Anton repeated on Thursday, at Iernut, that he will fight for the amendment of GEO 114/2018 to support coal-fired power producers who are heavily threatened by the high and rising cost of CO2 certificates [].

“We are considering the change of GEO 114 for coal producers. We have been to Târgu Jiu and we talked to the people there. The company is not profitable, it is on a brink and this is not because of Romania’s energy specifics, but because of the carbon certificates”. “The certificates were introduced […] to eliminate the [coal-based] electricity production.” We cannot afford this, “said the Minister of Energy. Anton Anton stated that he intends to amend GEO 114/2018 so that the coal-fired power plants to be allowed not to pay the financial contribution of 2% on their turnover, “as district heating generators are exempt.” “For CE Oltenia, CO2 represent 40% of the cost of energy sold. None of the generators faces such a situation. Let’s help those who are in pain, that’s the analysis we have done”, the minister said.

Anton Anton believes that the elimination of the financial contribution is justified, as the company is forced to pay for carbon dioxide certificates, which are very expensive.


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