Energy companies must take cyber security into account – Victor Gânsac, CEO of Safetech


Expansion of IT and digitalization systems incite more and more cyber security risks, says Victor Gânsac, CEO of Safetech Innovations, a company that offers integrated solutions and services in the field of cyber security. And energy companies have to take these risks into account.

“The more we increase the IT area and the dependence on IT systems, the higher the cyber risk. Cyber security means both protecting internal and external confidentiality of information and also the integrity and availability of information,” Gânsac said at the 2019 Energy Strategy Summit, an event organized by

“In the field of energy there are critical infrastructures, SCADA systems. If they are attacked, we can have effects on social and human life, which is why the Network Information and Security Directive has been implemented at EU level, which was transposed into national legislation by the Law 362 in 2018. Thus, all companies that produce, distribute, transport or supply energy needs to implement correct security measures,” says Gânsac.

“At the same time, I would make a parallel between the cyber security and labor protection – as in the work protection engineers and operators working with high voltage or gas, have to observe some rules, have special equipment, have special instruments, there is a responsible person who analyzes risks and top management is involved in this process – also that‘s the way that cyber security must also be thought of,” Gânsac added.


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