Energy Breakfast Club – 8 editions in 2015

About the event

Energy Breakfast Club is a meeting of 2 to 3 hours where energy specialists have the opportunity to keep themselves up to date with the latest information and the most influential views on one the hot topics of the moment.

As a host, will provide – from 09.00 AM – the MC and the coffee, will propose the theme and will launch the invitations for the speakers. They are selected accordingly with their best knowledge of the topic and are responsible for organizing ideas and stimulating intellectual challenges. Presentations will not exceed 20 minutes and are intended to be starting points for a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives.



Access to Energy Breakfast Club is open to all professionals in the Romanian energy industry and related sectors, based on the call of You are welcomed to write us at and ask for an invitation!

The club closes at 12.


Efficiency in the Energy Supply & Consumption (February 11)

Territorial Association for Energy and Energy Efficiency (ATE3) has launched for the public with the ambition to attract to its ranks a large number of small and medium enterprises interested in reducing their costs and increasing their competitiveness by energy efficiency. At Energy Breakfast Club, ATE3’s President Felix Căprariu made an introduction to the application of legal regulations in the field and proposed several lines of action for energy efficiency in small and medium business.


Ridgid Innovation Roadshow was in Bucharest, on March 20 it will reach Arad (March 18)

Emerson Ridge Tools exhibited in Bucharest, in a special edition of Energy Breakfast Club, the newest tools and equipment available for the energy industry. The Ridgid Innovation truck continues its route through Europe with a last stop in Romania, on March 20 in Arad.

Wednesday, March 18, from 9 am, Energy Breakfast Club moved for a day at the showroom of Rocast from Soseaua Pantelimon, where the Ridgid truck was parked. In a totally unconventional space, about 20 people attended the presentation and had the opportunity to test some of the latest equipment from Ridgid.


Smart Metering, Smart Grids, Smart People (April 29)

There are assumed targets by European directives and local legislation. There is a national smart metering program. There are numerous pilot projects and analyzes indicating the utility of increasing the IQ in the energy networks. Yet, the introduction of smart meters in 80% of end consumers in the coming years seems an elusive target today, suggested Emil Calotă, vice-president in ANRE, during the debate organized by, at the Energy Breakfast Club.

This event was organised by with the support of our partners: SGS România, SAS Inc., Emerson – Ridgid Tool Division, ALD Automotive, S&T România, ATE3, BCR Pensii, Sarto. Petroltel-Lukoil, LeasePlan.


Energy Efficiency: co-generation and energy services (May 20)

Two of global energy giants presented some of the trends in the global energy market and their solutions at Bucharest, in Energy Breakfast Club for energy efficiency. The world is getting smarter, notes Schneider Electric, a formula that refers to the fact that the advancement of communication technology enables a smarter city grid for our future. “Our cities are growing, both in developed countries, and faster in the emerging economies, as the cities already occupy only 2% of the Earth surface, but are home to 50% of the population, and consume 75% of the Earth energy consumption and are responsible for 80% of carbon emissions,” Petre Butu, Partner, Vice President of Schneider Electric Romania explained.

This event was organised by with the support of our partners: Aggreko, ALD Automotive, ATE3, Emerson – Ridgid, LeasePlan, Sarto, Schneider Electric, SGS România.


Energy Liberalization – opportunities and risk protection (June 24)

The energy market in Romania is capable of absorbing both large capacity for system balancing, as is the proposed project at Tarniţa, but also smaller capacities, more flexible, with increasing yields and better placed at volatile producers.  During the debate organized by, Marian Cernat, director at ANRE, insisted that the authority is well prepared to come with specific regulations if an when there are signs that such measurs are needed.

The event was organized by and supported by our partners: CEZ Romania, SAS Inc., ALD Automotive, ATE3, LeasePlan, Sarto, SGS România, Sixt New Kopel, Blaxy Resort.