Enel: Net profit from current activities of the Enel group increased by 9% in the first nine months


The Enel Group’s net profit from current operations increased by 9% in the first 9 months compared to the same period last year, to 3.6 billion euros (compared to 3.3 billion euros in the previous year).

EBITDA from current operations amounted to 13.1 billion euros, in line with the results of the previous year due to the increase in energy from renewable sources, due to new installed capacity in the last quarter of 2019 and 2020 (4.1 GW in the last 12 months) and to the business model that protected the Group’s economic performance against market fluctuations and the resilience of the Networks in Europe division backed by strong regulatory frameworks.

Financial expenses decreased by 8%, and the average cost of gross debt decreased to 3.7%, from 4.1% at the end of 2019.

Forecasts for fiscal year 2020 are, therefore, confirmed: EBITDA from current activities of around 18 billion euros (compared to 17.9 billion euros in the financial year 2019), while net profit from current activities is expected to be between 5 and 5.2 billion for 2020 (an increase between 5% and 9% compared to fiscal year 2019, when it was 4.8 billion euros)

Enel will continue to pay more than 70% of the profit and the minimum guaranteed dividends. Shareholders’ revenues for 2020 will generate an increase between 7-9% compared to 2019.

In any scenario, shareholders will receive a minimum guaranteed dividend per share of at least 0.35 euros (+7% yoy) for 2020

The Board of Directors approved an interim dividend of 0.175 euros per share that will be distributed starting with January 20, 2021, an increase of 9.4% compared to the interim dividend distributed in January this year.


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