Enel: E-Distribuţie companies launch new website


E-Distribuție launched the new version of its web-site www.e-distributie.com, created with a customer-centric approach in mind and designed to improve the digital experience for the customers of our electric energy distributors E-Distribuție Muntenia, E-Distribuție Banat and E-Distribuție Dobrogea, mother-company Enel announced.

“For our three E-Distributie companies, having a customer-centric approach means that, besides being the leading electricity distributors in Romania by service quality, we are constantly listening to the feed-back from our customers. With a fresh look and feel, leveraging on the expertise of the Enel Group distribution companies in Italy and Spain, the new site is designed like a complex web-platform, to answer the demands of our clients for a more streamlined experience. For instance, users can check online, at a glance, the planned and unplanned interruptions or if their point of consumption is planned to have a smart meter installed, Due to the smart site architecture, more customer services will be added in the future”, said Gino Celentano, General Manager of E-Distribuție companies.

The new e-distributie.com platform is structured on three main sections, depending on what information the customers want to know: Connection to the grid – for users who want to become customers; Electricity in your home – for existing customers who want to find out more about our services, how their electricity consumption is measured, how their meter is read, which are the requests they can submit etc.; Interruptions – where users can see, based on a 30-minute update, the planned interruptions, for maintenance and upgrades to the network, and also unplanned, following incidents.

Many of the new information and services were introduced as E-Distributie listened to the demands of customers, who told us that they were facing difficulties in the process of connection to the grid, for example. This is due to the fact that the procedures in the electricity distribution field are numerous and complex, as they are governed by a significant number of pieces of legislation and regulations and also require permits and authorisations and the involvement of state institutions, besides the electricity distribution operator.

Therefore, E-Distributie created dedicated sections in the web-site for the modern consumer, who wishes to have the relevant information handy and in a language which is easy to understand without having to become experts in the energy field and regulations. The information is organised in a friendly to use and transparent manner, in order to allow users to navigate through services and relevant information more easily.

For instance, the connection to the grid process is explained thoroughly and in detail, and the information is presented using text, relevant documents and also animations. Customers can create a profile by logging in a dedicated section of the web-site, in which the process to connect a new consumption point to the grid can be started online. Other options will be added over time, in order to make the process even more transparent and easy to monitor online.

The new section related to interruptions offers not only the programme of scheduled maintenance operations but also the unplanned interruptions on the medium and low (collective interruptions) voltage networks. Both types of interruptions are presented graphically, on a map, and users can zoom in and out in order to access more layers of detail.

There is a dedicated section related to Smart Meters, as E-Distribuție companies are the leading distribution operators in Romania by number of smart meters installed. Users can find out the benefits of smart meters, they can see whether their home is included in the ANRE-approved plans regarding the installations of smart meters, and in which time interval they will have a smart meter installed by their distribution operator.

Besides including more engaging content, the web-site is now fully-responsive, allowing user to navigate the pages easily through a multitude of devices, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices or tablets.


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